What makes CBI unique?

The Champion Briefs Institute is unique as a Speech and Debate camp because of its dedicated instructors, innovative curriculum, and distinctive approach to the activity. Our Speech and Debate summer camps for Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Congressional Debate, Interpretation, Original Oratory, and Extemporaneous Speaking are held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Dallas, TX. The CBI staff is comprised of some of the best speech and debate coaches and alumni in the country, providing every student with a championship experience. Each instructor is specialized to teach their strongest subject so students receive the best understanding of every topic area. Our curriculum is designed to provide each student with a deeper understanding of their event that can be used to win any round. We believe that a focus on becoming a better overall public speaker and critical thinker is the key to becoming a better community member, which is why our distinctive approach drives students to significantly improve these skills. The Champion Briefs Institute helps students to not only become Champions, but also improve important life skills that will make them successful in years to come.

What Do Our Alumni Say?

At CBI, in contrast to other debate camps, individual style is paramount in the development of skill. The instructors' names are easily recognizable as the top of the circuit of the past year or year prior. Each instructor tailors his or her critiques and advice toward the individual, and what the best method for success is. The variety of students and instructors from different places offers different perspectives on policies and current events that could not be experienced anywhere else.

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